People Dyin’ Up In Here

So today was an emotional roller coaster. I seem to have reached an age where people are dying.  I know that people have been dying since the beginning of time. But I hadn't had to go to a funeral since I lost my grandfather, my very last grandparent in 2004. That was a long time.... Continue Reading →


Minimalist Dreams

So it is going to be a LONG night.  My little guy has been vomiting all day, and it doesn't look like either one of us will be going to school tomorrow. I always feel so guilty when I am not at work.  A perpetual people pleaser, I never like to disappoint anyone, and a... Continue Reading →

Currently Without Team?

So today, for Read Across America Week, our school's theme is a sports theme, specifically, a team. But when I looked in my closet, I have no sports team clothing.   Coming from a family who lives and dies by Ohio State football and basketball, surely I must have something I can wear.   Actually,... Continue Reading →

Well, here we are…

Hello. I'm Erica. I will be your hostess.  What is this blog even about?  I'm not even sure I know, to be honest. I guess it will be one part journal of my life, one part photos, and a whole lot of opinionated ranting.  Let's start with an introduction.   Who the heck is Erica?... Continue Reading →

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