Currently Without Team?

So today, for Read Across America Week, our school’s theme is a sports theme, specifically, a team. But when I looked in my closet, I have no sports team clothing.   Coming from a family who lives and dies by Ohio State football and basketball, surely I must have something I can wear.  

Actually, no, I don’t. I used to have tons of Ohio State clothing. I am originally from Ohio, so it was easily accessible, but it was less about rooting for the team and more about belonging to the group, because, you know, all the cool kids in Ohio wear Ohio State gear. 
But the truth is scarlet and gray aren’t really my colors. Well, gray is ok. It is a nice neutral color that can be flexible in any wardrobe, but red is absolutely not my color. I am an autumn. Browns, greens, and corals are for me. 

Who am I kidding? Black, gray and burgundy are my colors. Everything I own (with exception of the tacky workout clothes from Walmart) is black, gray, or burgundy.  My more colorful friends encourage me to experiment with various hues, but I appreciate the simplicity of my chosen palette. I rarely have to think about my wardrobe choices. It’s all going to match.

Yesterday, a co-worker, whom I dearly love, unknowingly brought to my awareness how little I think about my clothing.  She commented on how nice my “hat day” outfit (randomly chosen long sleeved black top with dark gray vest, skinny jeans and black riding boots) looked, and how I finally put some thought into my clothing. Wrong!!  It was the luck of the draw, and I hit the jackpot. 

But I digress…

Anyway, I’m not really into Ohio State anymore. Now I am living in NC where everyone is insane about the Panthers and the Tarheels, but blue really isn’t my color either. Pittsburgh has nice colors…  Go Steelers?


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