Well, here we are…

Hello. I’m Erica. I will be your hostess.  What is this blog even about?  I’m not even sure I know, to be honest. I guess it will be one part journal of my life, one part photos, and a whole lot of opinionated ranting. 

Let’s start with an introduction.  

Who the heck is Erica?   I am a wife, a mother, an art teacher, photographer, designer of digital stuff, traveler, explorer, animal lover, tea drinker, bad joke teller, klutz , nut job, wannabe foodie, workin’ on my fitness, talkin’ in bad accents, searching for balance, barely keeping my head above water on a day to day basis. 

Here I am in my classroom.  Today was Hat Day for Read Across America Week.  I would like to think that I am really this cute, but SnapChat filters truly are an amazing invention. In fact I only have SnapChat for the filters. I occasionally send Snaps to my daughters, but they are only of myself, playing with the silly filters. 

I don’t really get the point of SnapChat.  I understand that it was designed to be a sexting app, but I have no need for that, and, in any case, most people I know don’t use it that way.  But I digress…

So that’s a snippet of me. I am a complex human being, failing day to day, but picking myself up and trudging on. 

One last picture. One of my dogs, Mishka. She’s the best. See, I’m a nice person. I have a dog. Never trust anyone who doesn’t like animals. 


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